Waterfowl Weekend
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Calling Event Information

Contest Rules available onsite! 

Entry Fees:

Junior contests - $15 each

Senior contests - $30 each

Team contests - $60/team each

Prizes include:

Trophies for top 3 winners in each category

Payouts for top 3 winners of Senior division contests only

Payouts are 75% of the entry fees

Champions earn our fabulous Champion Buckles


 2010 Buckles awarded to:

Jr Overall Open Goose - Greg Hubbell

Jr Overall Open Duck - Greg Hubbell

Sr Overall Open Goose - David Pruett

Sr Overall Open Duck - David Pruett

Team Open Goose - Jason Budd/David Pruett

Team Open Duck - Charlie McCray/David Pruett

Ladies Overall - Allison Hatten


WLWCE Calling List 2011

Jr's    Fri.                 Start Time: 4:00pm

  1. Jr. Snow Goose
  2. Jr. Specklebelly Goose
  3. Jr. Open Duck
  4. Jr. True Field
  5. Jr. Meat Duck



Sr's   Sat.               Start Time:  10:00am

  1. Open Sandhill Crane
  2. Open True Field -- Ladies Only
  3. Open Meat Duck -- Ladies Only
  4. Open Duck 
  5. Open True Field
  6. Open Team True Field
  7. Open Meat Duck
  8. Open Team Meat Duck

Sr's   Sun.               Start Time:  10:00am

  1. Open Canada Goose
  2. Open Snow Goose
  3. Open Team Snow Goose
  4. Open Snow Goose (Mouth)
  5. Open Snow, Specklebelly & Canada Goose
  6. Open Team Snow, Specklebelly & Canada Goose
  7. Open Specklebelly Goose
  8. Open Team Specklebelly Goose